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wellcome to QJINWEB!!
QJIN WEB is reliable online recruitment site which was chosen as co-sponsored site by MAF (Multimedia Alliance Fukuoka which is promoted by Fukuoka Prefecture).
Well come to QJINWEB
QJINWEB make you look for all!!

QJINWEB supports your search for work by abundant information and the convenient function.
Reference, perusal, member registration, etc. of the job offer by the applicant are no charge altogether.

You can search and see your optimal job information with using convenient oneself remote control and you can apply for it.


You can looking for all of them as employment,change of occupation,new graduate,part-time job,worker dispatching.
You can generate your own job magazine automaticallly by using convenient oneself remote control.
You can look for your job by choosing salary such as /year, /month, /day, /hour.
Both employer and employee can use and register this site FREE!

Give you all for FREE!!

We built this site because we regretted excellent people has gone to Tokyo and Osaka so we wish they return to home town.
We simply hoped that everyone would see and make use of this site all araound country so we built this site across the whole country.

And We run our site for FREE because employer meets job seekers in this site so make active use of it.


You can find all in QJINWEB!!

Both employer and job seekers can use it conveniently because of classification & reference.

Information is categorized by new arrival, business,area,age,qualification,etc.

It is the site which supports your search for work by abundant information and the convenient function.
You can biew your niche information with using self-remote-control and you can apply for it actually.
Make use of this site to get your job. ALL FREE!

To employee
The merit of using QJINWEB

NO Cost! Effectiveness! Ultimate!

In many case, it cost company more than necessary about time, labor, expense.
As you use this site for FREE,it maintain cost so efficiency.

Matching rate is sky-high!

As we provide self-remote-control which is used easily and high-spec to match employer's needs and those of job seekers,employer's application matches to need which your company's needs.

The needs of job-hunting of an applicant to the job offer search engine of a site, and a company -- in order to make talented people's [ like ] needs match, it becomes the talented people who matched with the needs of the talented people whom your company asks for an application of applicants more since it can treat easily and I am preparing highly efficient remote control self-remote-control.
To job seeker
The merit of using QJINWEB

Self-remote-control!! - You can search all of your contents.

Everyone who is looking for job -- a search engine self-remote-control completely new in order to have you find the job offer of hope speedily the direction of search -- preparation

My page!! - You can make your own original job-magazine!

You can make your own original job-magazine if you register. You bet FREE!!

Anonymous function!! - You can use our site securely.

On QJINWEB since you can stay anonymous like your name, you use our site securely.


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